Ease Arthritis-Related Back Pain

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm physical therapist Peggy Brill. I know that spinal arthritis can be both painful and debilitating, so I've created simple three step exercise routine that will help you prevent and manage flips any time anywhere. Hi, I'm here with Christine, and I will do the first exercise for you this is called the pelvic clock.

You are going to start with your feet, shoulder with apart, and you're going to put your hands on your hips, and you're going to start with movement clockwise. Small movement and each time you can start to move a little further and further within your comfort zone. Begin the rotations small, and increase going further and further into the range as what feels comfortable.

We want to avoid pain and just go up to where we feel a stretch. It's good to go in both directions. This a great movement to get every part of the moving. The next exercise is going to be trunk side bending, where you reach up your arms overhead and you have your feet together and your palms together, and you go, reach up high, and you are going to first bend to your right.

This is great way to get the vertebrae to open up in the side bending, which also helps with rotation up in the upper back. We're going to come up again, reaching up high, keeping the shoulders low down and back and the neck long and you're going to bend in the other direction.

Your limit should be set by how it feels. You don't want to create pain you just want to create a gentle stretch. This is a final exercise for the spine, and we're going to do seated be Jini, spinal twist, so you're going to turn to the other side, holding a few seconds, and then back to center.

And each time you're going to turn your head in the direction that you're turning and trying go a little bit further. We don't want any pain or discomfort. We can just do this within the zone that feels comfortable for you, as you do this overtime, you should start to see that the imbalance of right and left start to become more balanced, and that's a goal, you're better off sitting unsupported without something against your lower back, holding yourself upright as much as you can and good alignment, having your head stuck well over your tussle, you should feel a lot more mobile and flexible and I hope your spine is feeling great at this point, let's wrap it up.

Thanks Christine.