Does Barometric Pressure Affect Your Joints?

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If I could Stephen, where's Stephen and his wife Cathy is here. Stephen, tell me your story. As you tell Alla your story cause this is all about weather. I actually feel a day before a storm is coming I had pressure on my knees and pain in my back.  What do you do for a living Steve?  In the heating and cooling business.

 Yeah, so you know when it's coming and this is your wife [xx] Hey. Hey. So is he a pretty accurate barometer? Oh, absolutely.  So what happens to him?  Actually the first thing I do in the morning is look up the window and wonder what is he going to be complaining about? Now does that happen even if it's a bright sunny day/ So he's a wiener, alright.

What do you do to relive the pain? It's normally just aspirin. I just try not to get to much involved with medication but I've been living with it so long that it's just become part of it so I just take care of it have you been having today? Yeah, started yesterdayOnce again, actually you guys should be you and Pam should be together.

Yes, that's right why do you like foot pairs a little bit if you don't mind because you've got a job where you bend your knees and fair them out, so if I could show you this animation I think it will show you what I think about I think about so let us rotate the nail a little bit, look at the bones in there.

There's the upper lower bone obviously touching there is an empty space there. Forget about all the mechanical details, as the barometer drops when the storm is coming in technically what happens, you actually have less pressure pushing underneath. And this is going to fascinate you but it's actually true, if you don't have external pressures pushing on your joints, your joints would pop out of socket wow.

You [xx] a bunch of those suction cups and so low pressure doesn't force the joint together and keeping it firm so all of a sudden it become hussy gussy and that increases the pains, especially got a job where you are bending your knees all the time get a little bit of nicks and cramming  and so it makes perfect sense and I bring this up because I think it's a wonderful way for us to tell what's happening.

I can throw one other idea out to you, there are some parts of the country where people don't have to experience such big shifts and [xx] Santiago I mentioned recently was a beautiful example of that because they don't have those kinds of shifts, I don't want anybody moving but mentioning the fact that historically we would send as physician patients to some part of the country which were dryer less prone to this kind of atmosphere shifts The.