To keep my clients motivated, I often give them assignments to do on their own, and then ask them to report back to me.  One assignment that I like to give my clients is to learn about someone else’s success story.  The most important reason for this is to leave them feeling inspired to make the necessary lifestyle changes to reach their goal.  There is a lot we can learn from other people.  When we see what other people have done to achieve success, we begin to understand the bigger picture of what the process involves, including what does and doesn’t work.  We see the challenges that we face, but more importantly, we see that hard work will eventually pay off.  I recently discovered a show on Netflix called “Heavy”.  It takes you through the weight loss journey of morbidly obese individuals.

Some of the commonalities that I find about the participants from this show are:

-          They start out having no knowledge of what they really weigh

-          They have no idea what they are eating, or how to make improvements in their diet

-          The majority of them have avoided regular checkups at the doctors

-          The majority of them complain about exercise to begin with

-          The majority of them start out by blaming others or circumstances for their current state

-          The majority of them are constantly tired and achy

-          Every single individual has a bigger problem than just “liking the taste of food” that lead them to becoming severely overweight

-          Every single person leaves with a more positive attitude

-          No one regrets the hard work with the diet and exercise after they see the life changing results they receive

-          These people who overcome physical and emotional challenges in their life are typically more confident

-          After completing the process, the majority of the participants take ownership for their problems, and take away with them different coping mechanisms that are vital for a healthy lifestyle

-          The participants that continue making progress after the show know that goal setting is an important part of continual success

I would love to know what shows, movies, books, articles, etc. about weight loss and having a healthy lifestyle inspire you.  Please e-mail me at