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  • How do we Sustain a Meditation Practice?

    For most of us, maintaining a regular daily meditation practice is a challenge. Life gets busy, we get distracted, something urgent (or not so urgent) interferes. Yet we know how important our practice is for our health and well being. How can we support our...Full Post
  • 5 Principles of Mindful Parenting

    Five Principles of Mindful Parenting

    Bedtime these days is the proving ground for my mindfulness practice. When my six year old begs for five minutes more of playing, one more book, and whines “do I have to brush my teeth?” and this has been going on for...Full Post
  • Begin Again

    For many of us, this time of year is about new beginnings: Kids off to school or college; summer ending and work or other commitments kicking into gear. It's an auspicious time to begin again. What is so comforting about our mindfulness practice is that every...Full Post