Hospital: Eastside Medical Center in Snellville, Georgia
Specialty: Nutrition & Dietetics
What made you decide to be a dietitian?
I worked in a pharmacy and thought that I wanted to go to pharmacy school. But the more I worked there, the more I saw that patients would come to pick up their medication and and never seemed to be able to get off them. Instead, they would just add on more medications. I thought, there's got to be another way. So I went the nutrition route.
What’s the hardest part about your job?
The hardest part about my job is having patients that don't want to be here and don't seem to care about their health. It's very hard to get them motivated, but I still try my best.
What’s the best part?
The success stories. Not only do I get to do the normal stuff like cardiac issues and diabetes management, but I'm also the bariatric coordinator here at Eastside Medical Center, so I have a lot of weight-loss success stories as well. I get tearful seeing the tears and the excitement in my patients when they have either lost weight or come off of medication. The good definitely outweighs anything bad I may encounter.
Favorite out-the-door breakfast?
I actually prepare my breakfast ahead on Sundays. I make cold oatmeal with fruits, cinnamon and flaxseed and portion it out into Mason jars. All I have to do in the mornings is take the lid off, throw the jar into the microwave for 45 seconds and I'm out the door!
What health trends are you watching these days?
I am watching the research about how sugar, rather than fat, in the diet may be the culprit for some of the issues that society is facing.