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  • 5 Ways to Break a Plateau

    Plateaus affect everyone who engage in any exercise program, from the couch potato to the Olympian. Even though they are a natural part of the process, it does not mean that you have to give in to them. At some point along your fitness path, you are going to

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  • 21 DAYS

    What is meant by ‘bad habits’?

    If you were to look in the dictionary one of the definitions of “habit” states that it is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Acquired means you weren’t born with it and you don’t

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  • Motivation

    How do I stay motivated?This seems to be the question of the week.
    Let's look at the definition, particularly #3:–noun

    1. the act or an instance of motivating.

    2. the state or condition of being motivated.

    3. something that motivates; inducement; incentive.

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  • Full Body Workouts vs. Split Routines and Water Retention

    What’s better for me? A full body workout? or a split routine workout where I only work a certain muscle group on certain days? and does one create more water retention than the other?

    GREAT question(s), but it all depends on over-all goals.

    Water retention seems to be

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  • Accountability Tool Box

    The Food Log
    Everyone hates them. Everyone should keep one (even fitness professionals!). Food logs increase awareness, increase accountability, and provide a prospective tool for dietary planning. Many studies have found consistent self-monitoring to be a s

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  • Do You Need Balance Training?

    Are you off balance? Not sure? Do you fall more often then those around you? Have you ever sprained, twisted or broke an ankle or foot? Have you ever fractured, or broke a hip? Do you have any pain or discomfort in your knees, hips, or ankles? Do you sit at...Full Post
  • Effectively Setting Your Fitness Goals

    [media id="PRD__4cfe46a75ccf85_17907538" title="Woman Exercising Alone"]

    Most people have sincerely good intentions of losing weight, getting fit, and making lasting changes in their lives. But we have all seen these good intentions fade. We quickly develop

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  • 5 Must Do Glute Exercises

    We all want a nice glutes, right?

    Incorporate the following best backside exercises in your
    regular strength routine and you’ll burn fat, shape and
    firm your glutes, sculpt surrounding muscle groups, and rev
    up your metabolism.

    1. Kettlebell Swings (can also use

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    Traditions are a big part of the holiday season for many people, but if you find yourself doing something strictly out of traditionand not because you particularly enjoy it, then it’s time for a new tradition. Or maybe, just time for a new recipe. Take pumpkin pie – it’s hard

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  • 5 Simple Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    The holidays are coming the holidays are coming!!! Don't panic! Follow these 5 simple tips and you will avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain.. I PROMISE!

    1. Scrap the "dieter's mentality". - This mentality leads people to believe that healthy eating is all

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