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  • Would you like to have less Back Pain, Better Posture, Balance and a Flatter...

    How many of you would like to have…Less Back Pain, Better Posture, Balance and Flatter stomachs?
    All of these are achievable to a certain degree, by doing core exercises. The core is all the muscles that attach to the spine not just the abs and back. It provides...Full Post
  • Be Strong to the Core...Look Better, Feel Better...Function Better

    Because I feel so strongly in the title of this blog, is one of the reasons I pursued the CES Corrective Exercise Specialist certification. (Passed the exam on 12-8-11) In my eight years of personal training, function first has been a part of my training style by

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  • Eating before a workout

    Eating before a workout depends on several factors... such as how long it has been since your last meal and how hard you are going to be exercising. If you are going to be doing a high intensity workout wait a hour or so to allow food to move from your stomach

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    These are a few of the questions I get asked frequently as a trainer:

    Both are equally as important. Cardio is good for improving the efficiency of the heart and lungs and of course burning calories. However

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  • The value of our health

    "Our health always seems much more valuable once we lose it." -Unknown

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  • How to Stretch

    Stretching is so important but often neglected. It just takes a few minutes and is well worth your time. Here's how to do it!


    When you begin a stretch you want to be relaxed and focus your attention on the muscles being stretched. Spend 10-15 seconds in the

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  • Nutrition Tip 80/20 Rule

    Don't put the pressure on yourself for the perfect diet. We are human. 80% of the time eat healthy foods that you know are going to fuel your body properly. During the other 20% of the time, when we choose to eat not so healthy foods for reasons like a party...Full Post
  • Kettlebell Booty Camp -first session!

    I taught my first outside kettlebell boot camp 5:30 AM last Thursday. When I decided to organize this class I was hoping for 10-12 participants considering I taught it in a small community of approximately 5,000 people, and its 5:30 in the morning! I was greeted

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    Why do I want it?

    Why is it important?

    How will I feel when I achieve that goal?

    How would life be different?

    If I don’t achieve it, how would it affect me?

    What am I willing to do to achieve it?

    Identify your obs

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  • Self guided massage-SMR-self myofascial release

    It seems like there has been alot of interest and questions about SMR. I just watched a video on Jay Morgan-Elite trainer profile page. He does an excellent job of explaining what it is, why it is so important and how to do it.

    I am a firm believer using these

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