Dr. Susan Bartell, PsyD


Dr. Susan Bartell is a nationally recognized psychologist, consultant and award winning author in suburban New York. She is also a sought after speaker lecturing widely on a broad range of topics. Dr. Bartell's mission is to help people recognize that they can have greater control over their emotional health and physical well-being, and can improve the quality of their lives. Her goal is to provide a perspective that allows people to balance life's demands through adaptive coping strategies so they can truly value the positive aspects of their lives. She focuses on all aspects of life-balance for families, corporations, schools and other organizations. Dr. Bartell specializes in topics related to: - Sustaining a healthy lifestyle - Improving family, work and other interpersonal relationships - Stress reduction - ”corporate, personal, and family Dr. Bartell is a recognized media expert who can frequently be found offering advice on national TV, radio and print outlets. She is an expert advisor, with masthead credit, to KIWI magazine and an expert contributor to Education.com. She is the author of seven books: Your Personal Guide to Angioplasty: Straightforward Answers to Common Questions Every Patient Asks;The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask (PreK-2nd Grade); The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask (3rd-5th Grade); Dr. Susan's Fit and Fun Family Action Plan: 301 Things You Can Do Today; Dr. Susan's Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide: The EASY, FUN way to Look and Feel Good!; Stepliving for Teens; and Mommy or Daddy: Whose Side am I On?. Dr. Bartell is the founder of www.4healthyGirls.com and the 4HealthyGirls text club, which promotes health and a healthy body image for teenage girls. She also pens a nationally syndicated column, A Teachable Moment, which reaches over half a million readers in the U.S. and Canada. You can learn more about Dr. Bartell at www.drsusanbartell.com and www.4healthygirls.com


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