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  • What happens when you reach your goal weight unsatisfied?

    Here's a Q&A exchange between one of my readers and myself that recently took place. Her statements will be in bold.

    You appear incredibly knowledgeable and I’ve reached a turning point. I’ve read some of your stuff (wow) and am nearly convinced strength

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  • New York Times – What’s the Single Best Exercise?

    A family member recently sent me a link to this article published in the New York Times. It asks, “What’s the Single Best Exercise?” In the article they ask a number of physiologists this question and each has a different answer. Some conclude that it’s

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  • Rate of weight loss, extreme thinking, and toning

    Here's an email exchange I had with one of my readers recently. Figured others might glean something useful from it.


    Sorry to be one of those many people who I’m sure bug you, but I need some advice… I’m 5ft, weighing 115 pounds, having a desk job. So my mainanance calories are like 1300 a day. Is there

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  • Calories vs. Nutrients

    I want to keep this articlevery simple so not to screw with the concise message.

    Let’s define the problem: You’re not happy because you have more fat on your body than you’re comfortable with. It’s either negatively impacting your performance on the field or

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  • Random thoughts pertaining to diet & training programming

    It's important to keep in mind that there's a collection of fundamental principles that apply to all "programs" that work. Put differently, if one particular program woks it's because it forces its users to apply the fundamentals that drive progress.

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