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Maximum fitness and health are within your grasp if you reach for it now.  Long-term success is possible for everyone, even those frustrated by past failure.  The key for many is to work with an expert with the knowledge and experience to individualize strategies specifically tailored to your lifestyle and schedule.

Working with and reporting your daily activities to someone who cares about you and knows your issues will maximize your chances for success.  An experienced trainer understands the reasons many people fall short of their goals,and will keep you motivated and on track as you take on exciting new challenges.

I entered the healthcare profession as a critical care RN earning my nursing degree at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.  It became clear in a very short time that three conditions: obesity. high blood pressure, and adult onset diabetes were accounting for a high percentage of serious illness including heart attack, stroke, and many cancers.

I have dedicated my professional life to preventing these conditions through diet, exercise and medical education.  The potential outreach to thousands of Americans struggling with dietary and conditioning issues led to my association with HFPN and Sharecare.  As a certified NASM trainer and registered nurse, I look forward to addressing your individual needs and working with you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.



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  • Shelley Chermak - Elite Trainer, RN - Weston, FL - Fitness

    What other drugs besides statins lower cholesterol?

    Cholesterol is a waxy like substance that is transported in the blood plasma of all living animals.  If we have a high level of cholesterol in our blood, we may clog our arteries and cause heart disease.  There are a number of ways to lower the cholesterol level.  Many people may see a drop in their cholesterol if they adhere to a strict diet

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  • Shelley Chermak - Elite Trainer, RN - Weston, FL - Fitness
    Shelley Chermak - Elite Trainer, RN has posted a blog entry:
    We are all busy. It can be difficult to find the time to exercise. Walking is easy. It doesn't require equipment and can be done anywhere at any...Full Post
  • Shelley Chermak - Elite Trainer, RN - Weston, FL - Fitness

    Should I drink green tea or white tea?

    Green tea is made only from the leaves of the Camillia sinensis plant. White tea is derived from the fine silvery-white hairs of the delicate unopened buds and younger leaves of the same plant, the Camellia sinensis. These silvery white hairs give the tea its whitish color. Both green and white teas...Read More
  • nancy smith
    Hi, Shelley~I contacted the infocenter and they're trying to help me. They said if I log on and click on my fitness tab, you should be able to access my activities. Can you yet?
  • Elke Binder
    Hey Shelley, How very kind of you to check in with me. No need for me to ask "how you are doing" because Trainers are always doing great, right? haha. (Just an asumption because you look sooooo healthy. haha) Anyway. I am hanging in there. Right now I am not doing too well because of my severe Fibromyalgia but I try to move every day a litte (everything low impact) so I don't lose interest completely. You know how it is. A body at rest stays at rest and trust me, MY BODY WANTS TO STAY AT REST. hahah. But I am trying to hang in there. I have more problems with controling gravings like chocolate or sweets in general but I am trying to control this as well somehow. So as you can see, Elke is hanging and is trying to push forward. haha. Thanks for asking. You are most kind. Take very good care of yourself and good health to you too. Talk to you again. Elke
  • Shelley Chermak - Elite Trainer, RN - Weston, FL - Fitness
    Hi Elke, Checking in... Tell me how you are doing
  • Elke Binder
    Hi Shelley, thank you for "befriending" me here on Sharecare. That is so kind of you. You look soooooo healthy and that is just great. My goal is to get healhy one day and Sharecare is just the right start for it. With all kind of trainers and good advise it is just the "site" to be. haha. Thank you again for your friendship and I wish you a great rest o the weekend. Stay safe and healthy. Elke
  • Tammy Edge
    Thanks Shelley for checking on me. Haven't been on here in awhile. I've been so busy with work and my mom. My mom is better now she had a cornea implant with her eyes. I wish her diabetes would get better. I'm gonna try to get better with the program. Have a good week.
  • Shelley Chermak - Elite Trainer, RN - Weston, FL - Fitness
    Hi Megan, How amazing you have five people working out with you at lunch! Now the goal is to keep everyone motivated. What are you doing when you are working out? Fill me in on the details...then I can give you some helpful tips?
  • Magen Martin
    Hi Shelley! I just noticed your comment on my page. Thanks for asking about the blisters. They are doing better. I switched from NB shoes to Asics and that seemed to help a lot. I still need to push myself more though. I don't want to get bored because I'm doing the treadmill every day. Any suggestions?
  • Erica Larson
    Thank you!
  • Rachel  Leclerc
    Merry Christmas Shelley! Glad to meet you. I just finished writing a Blog using some of the words in you bio. Too funny. I am proof that it can work. Thanks for your interest in my journey. Lots of love. Wishing you a Beautiful Day with your loved ones. LOL
    Hi Shelley, thank you and nice to meet you too! I’m doing great with Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation! I’m making progress and I’m moving closer and closer to my goal weight :)
  • Shelley Chermak - Elite Trainer, RN - Weston, FL - Fitness
    Hi Erica, Nice to meet you on Sharecare. Just reading some of your blogs. Congratulations on discovering how important logging your food is...we eat so many calories during the day that we don't realize. Logging will help you keep your calorie intake down. Good luck and please let me know if I can be of any help.
  • Shelley Chermak - Elite Trainer, RN - Weston, FL - Fitness
    Hi Dorothy, Nice to meet you on Sharecare. Congratulations! You are very disciplined and you should be proud of what you have accomplished so far with Weight Watchers. Please check in and tell me how you are doing with Dr Oz's Transformation Nation.