Shelley Chermak - Elite Trainer, RN


Maximum fitness and health are within your grasp if you reach for it now.  Long-term success is possible for everyone, even those frustrated by past failure.  The key for many is to work with an expert with the knowledge and experience to individualize strategies specifically tailored to your lifestyle and schedule.

Working with and reporting your daily activities to someone who cares about you and knows your issues will maximize your chances for success.  An experienced trainer understands the reasons many people fall short of their goals,and will keep you motivated and on track as you take on exciting new challenges.

I entered the healthcare profession as a critical care RN earning my nursing degree at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.  It became clear in a very short time that three conditions: obesity. high blood pressure, and adult onset diabetes were accounting for a high percentage of serious illness including heart attack, stroke, and many cancers.

I have dedicated my professional life to preventing these conditions through diet, exercise and medical education.  The potential outreach to thousands of Americans struggling with dietary and conditioning issues led to my association with HFPN and Sharecare.  As a certified NASM trainer and registered nurse, I look forward to addressing your individual needs and working with you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.



  • Sharecare, Honor Society of Nursing


  • Weston, FL