Shannon Sorrels, CPT


After 15+ years of corporate America and 6 years in academic research science, I took a brave, deep breath, several supportive nudges from loved ones, and decided it was time to build my own business.

I am passionate about being honest when it comes to fitness and weight management.  Too many programs, organizations, and just plain gimmicks are only motivated to take your money.  Just the other day I had to restrain myself from telling a woman to put a bunch of products back on the shelf at the store – she didn’t need them!  But clever marketing had convinced her that she did.    There are so many myths, half-truths, and down-right lies swirling out there – how can anyone know what to believe anymore?  So I decided to do something about it.

I don't believe in quick fixes or gimmicks.  I do believe in high levels of support (one on one conversations, emails, text messages, phone calls - whatever it takes), a solid education about what really works, a reasonable plan, and consistency.

Together, we can get you there.



  • Physix


  • Phoenix, AZ