Scott Pullen


Fitness and Nutrition Specialist for dotFIT , LLC
NASM Master Instructor
BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics
MS Exercise Science and Health Promotion, Rehab Sciences focus

Trainer and educator in the fitness industry since 1993

Being a natural bodybuilder made Scott learn and apply nutrition, exercise and supplementation in a way many may never need to, but it fueled a career in the fitness industry that has spanned over 20 years. Scott left an early career path in clinical and public health nutrition to focus on those seeking health promotion and fitness. Scott has developed and implemented individual training programs to thousands of clients, been a nutrition consultant to the NY Yankees and been a presenter and writer for numerous fitness companies and publications. Scott has been a Master Instructor for NASM since 1997, and is the Exercise and Nutrition Specialist for dotFIT, as well as Director of Sponsorship.



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