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  • Dr. Ruth White, MPH - Seattle, WA - Social Work

    Does bipolar disorder run in families?

    Yes, bipolar disorder tends to run in families, and researchers are looking for genetic markers for the disease, but no one gene has yet been found to be the culprit. Twin studies have shown that several genes and other factors combine to trigger onset of the illness. Children who have a parent with...Read More
  • Dr. Ruth White, MPH - Seattle, WA - Social Work

    How is bipolar disorder treated?

    Medication, psychotherapy and lifestyle changes are the three most common ways of treating bipolar disorder. Some people use alternate therapies like Chinese medicines or naturopathy. Medications include anti-depressants and mood stabilizers and anti-anxiety medications. Psychotherapies include C...Read More
  • Dr. Ruth White, MPH - Seattle, WA - Social Work

    How can I keep track of moods that come with bipolar disorder?

    Many charts to track bipolar triggers and moods can be found online. The trackers in the online charts are hard to customize, because they already show all the categories, which makes it hard for you to adapt their tools for your needs. Some such websites are run by pharmaceutical companies; other...Read More
  • Dr. Ruth White, MPH - Seattle, WA - Social Work

    Why is it so hard to convince Americans to lead healthier lifestyles?

    As someone who has spent a lot of time designing and implementing health education, one of the key reasons is that in a country where people keep living longer despite bad health behaviors, there is no clear motivation for changing health behaviors. And understand that this is not only an American problem....Read More
  • Dr. Ruth White, MPH - Seattle, WA - Social Work

    Is exercise good for someone who is bipolar?

    Exercise has many benefits for everyone, especially for people living with mood disorders. Exercise increases cognitive functioning, fights depression, and improves overall mental health, because exercise releases many brain chemicals that foster feelings of emotional and psychological well-being....Read More
  • Dr. Ruth White, MPH - Seattle, WA - Social Work

    Can I prevent bipolar disorder?

    Bipolar disorder cannot be 'prevented', however, with careful management symptoms can be minimized and some people actually find that some of the symptoms are prevented. Medications used as prescribed can prevent certain symptoms, as can counseling with a mental health professional. Regular exercise...Read More