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  • If you think you don't like tofu, Think again after trying this recipe!

    Before all super foods like hemp seeds, seitan, or chia seeds were marketed to vegetarians, tofu was the original vegan substitute for meat. But it has always been blamed for it's not so appealing taste. I have always been searching for ideas to give this ancient...Full Post
  • What does caffeine have to offer as a pre-workout supplement?

    Thanks to extensive available research, I found four well-researched benefits of caffeine consumption:
    1. Brain Boost: Moderate coffee drinking shows improved memory, mental focus and clarity with recent research showing one cup boosting memory function...Full Post
  • DOMS : Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness .

    Have you ever experienced waking up a day or two after a good workout and feel like you've been hit by a truck? Congratulation, you are experiencing DOMS! You have successfully demolished your targeted muscles, and that's in your favor. In order to build muscle...Full Post
  • How to eat healthy when nobody around you does?

    One of the biggest obstacles for healthy eaters is socializing with people who are not following the same healthy habits. Football parties, morning donuts at the office, holidays, so called "comfort foods" and the list goes on.
    I usually can manage to stay...Full Post
  • Is cereal really a healthy choice for breakfast?

    Cereal used to be considered a good choice for breakfast among health savvy people. Personally I believe cereal for breakfast is being overrated as a healthy food!
    The only benefit I can't argue with, is the convenience. But I can count many reasons not to...Full Post
  • Deep breathing technique to handle stressful moments in life.

    Humans have a tendency to unconsciously hold their breath, when they go through a stressful situation. Another reaction to physical/emotional stress in humans is rapid and shallow breathing. All these breathing styles contribute to the rise of stress hormones,...Full Post
  • Are you dealing with Holi-daze during holidays?

    It's not surprising to feel stressed out during holiday season. It starts around Halloween, and stretches through the rest of the year. To do lists simply grow bigger and it seems like they never end. Following a healthy life style should not stop just by se

    ...Full Post
  • Juicing Benefits

    Do you want to start your lifestyle change with a smart choice? How about adding a glass of freshly made vegetable juice to your breakfast?

    After a few days you might notice that you don't feel like having any other beverages with your breakfast (like

    ...Full Post
  • Successful weight loss vs. Unsuccessful weight loss

    In the weight loss game, the ones who play the slowest are the winners. Multiple studies have concluded that the fad diets just do not work. The faster you lose weight the higher the chance that you will gain it back when you stop the diet. The healthiest way

    ...Full Post
  • Do you think you don't have time to work out?

    We all have busy lives, careers that stretch beyond 9-5 and have to juggle work and numerous family obligations. Long to-do lists exhaust our limited free time and at times our stress levels reach a boiling point. Stress can raise the cortisol levels. Increased

    ...Full Post