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  • Keep it simple

    Are you wanting to improve your health? Often in a quest to improve health we get zealous and try to change all of our “bad habits” at once. When we can’t stick to it with all of them we get discouraged and resign that this was too hard and go back to all our old behaviors. Studies show

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  • The fountain of youth

    The fountain of youth has been searched for centuries by many societies. Probably in no society is the pursuit of eternal youth and the ability to slow the aging process than our society. Research is determining that there truly is an eternal fountain of youth

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  • The Tiger Woods Effect:

    In the late 90’s and early 2000’s Tiger Woods burst on to the as the most dominant male athlete in the United States and possibly the world. After he became the dominant force in golf stories came out about his father having him golf at age 3 and practicing

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  • Keep your cool

    As the summer months heat up it’s important to keep yourself safe as you workout in the heat of the dog days of summer. Remember to give your body time to adjust to the heat and go slow at first. If it’s the first big heat wave of the summer it’s a good idea to scale

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