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  • Improving ones fitness will empower one to achive in life

    I believe in setting goals and while I am not perfect myself it crates hope in additional motivation that will help one to achieve your dreams.Once the accomplishment of goals becomes a consistant practice in regards to improving fitness, losing fat gaining strength...Full Post
  • Why is a specific fitness plan beneficial

    A specific fitness plan is beneficial for you because know one person has the same exact needs, limitations and physical challenges. A specific plan will not only get you maximum results from training and nutrition it allows reduction of injury risks to the

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  • Exercising out in the sun

    Today I woke up with a little muscle soreness from the days previous workout and notice the great sun rays beaming on my bed.. I was thinking that my plan was to go and do cardio on the treadmill but then I thought wait it gorgeous outside. I rose out of bed...Full Post
  • What are the steps in starting a fitness plan

    Hear and talk with people all the time that always make a statement like “I should start working-out more often" or “I wish that incorporating exercise in my schedule would be easier". The statements are that I believe rooted in no plan or vision for what the person

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  • Effective ways to use wonderful weather to your fitness advantage.

    One of the great things about the beautiful summer weather is that it allows you to burn calories in a variety of different ways. You can go mountain biking for the day, and you can also enjoy hiking in addition to swimming. The main goal that will be accom

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