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  • Let Music Make a Difference

    "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
    -- Berthold Auerbach

    Music has always been important for me. In times of happiness, sadness, celebration, reflection, relaxation, expression, stress, confusion, no matter the circumstance, music...Full Post
  • Healthy Action Tip: Nutrition

    Staying on plan when it comes to nutrition is challenging in general. Even more so when we are the only one in the family that is choosing to focus on making changes in the way we eat.

    Try this: In the refrigerator, choose one shelf that is yours. When you come...Full Post
  • Accentuate the Positive

    It's not always easy to do and it certainly doesn't always come naturally. Making a concious effort to focus more on the positives regarding ourselves and our lives helps us productively work through difficult times. So, my "Healthy Action Tip" for today is...Full Post
  • Are you stuck in the "All or Nothing" mindset?

    Does the "All or Nothing" approach work for you when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes? If not, please don't spend more time than needed on the "nothing" side. Instead, choose an approach that works for YOU. Take action one change at a time and KNOW...Full Post
  • Don't allow lack of support to discourage you

    How often do you stop and question your thoughts? Where are they coming from? Are they positive, or negative? Do they help you get closer to or further from your goal?

    It is not always easy to take that step towards healthy change. Sometimes we may not...Full Post
  • Environment challenges: Nutrition

    We can't always control our environment when working to make healthy, positive changes for ourselves.This can be frustrating because it means we have to work even harder to stay on course.
    Below are a few examples to support your efforts in the area of nut...Full Post
  • YOU define Healthy and Fit!

    Please, please...don't get confused that being fit means we have to eat and workout to look like fitness models, fitness gurus, bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

    The industry sometimes screams at us a "perfect" image (determined by...?) of what we should aim

    ...Full Post
  • How yummy are your hard boiled eggs?

    How yummy are your hard boiled eggs?

    If the texture is dry, yolk has a greenish tinge, white is rubbery, try this method:

    Boil water over medium heat in a large saucepan.

    When water begins to boil, add the eggs right out of the fridge and cook for
    ...Full Post
  • Fun Challenge Starts Today!

    Good Morning to everyone here on Sharecare with weight loss goals. Wanted to share about a new, simple and fun challenge starting today.

    I am familiar with Bill's Challenges as I finally had success with my personal weight loss goals through one of his cha

    ...Full Post
  • New Year Health Intentions

    It's a new year and no secret that many of us become motivated to start or improve upon our health intentions.

    This year, consider our efforts to be more than just a "short term" New Year Resolution.

    Consider making this year the year we take our efforts to

    ...Full Post