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  • What’s your bad day back up plan?

    We all love the good days. Smiles all around, feel great, happy to see everyone, just enjoying life period. Unfortunately, since we do not live in a utopia, bad days happen. Some bad days are work or stress related, some are family and home related, others...Full Post
  • How will I be a positive influence today?

    How will I be a positive influence today?
    We are all working for positive lifestyle changes. How can we use our experience so far to have a positive influence on those around us? Men think they run the house hold, but we as women have the power to change how our families...Full Post
  • Just know you can

    Just know you can
    We spend a lot of time "not" doing things and making excuses. It's too hard, I'm to overweight, I'm to old, I'm too tired etc. These may all be valid to a certain extent, but they should not keep us from living our lives. One of the most...Full Post
  • Raging wild fires

    Texas is always a hot place, but not as hot as the many states out west that are literally "on fire". Millions acres have burned. Strong winds, low humidity and drought conditions have fed the fires and all man can do it get out of the way. Entire communities...Full Post
  • The chicken and the pig

    Our Pastor used this illustration while discussing commitment. A chicken and a pig were talking (yea, I know) and they decided to have breakfast together. So they started discussing the menu, the chicken suggested ham and eggs. The pig looked at the chicken...Full Post
  • Changing impulse reactions

    My husband is a pilot. He is a glider pilot/instructor, flies power planes and has an air bike ultralight. His air bike is just that, it is a totally open frame, you have a seat and your legs straddle the frame like a bike. Your feet rest on pegs. While taxiing

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  • Weekend warrior or couch potato?

    It is easy or easier to be active during the week. You are up and out at work, running errands and stuff. The main thing is you are up and out. The weekends can be a different and difficult time. You do not have to go to work, there is no schedule to adhere

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  • Get out of your own head

    The only thing that frustrates me more than someone else telling me "Oh you can't do that" is when I set myself up for failure by telling myself "Oh, I can't do that". I have already defeated myself before I even start. Don't let yourself be put in a box and

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  • Staying positive in a negative world

    Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? I think most of us are a little bit of both. I try to see the positive in things and be a positive, uplifting coach, trainer, person but sometimes that is difficult to do. Maybe I do not portray the negative

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  • Is overthinking your problem?

    Many times I seem to make things harder than necessary by over thinking them. We worry and stress about our weight. We worry about the scale not moving. We worry about not getting everything done like we need to. Sometimes we just need to stop thinking and

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