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  • Parenting: When Old School and New School Don’t Agree

    One of the best gifts a mother can give to first time parents is help. Period. So when my mother came to stay with us for two weeks after my first son was born, I was absolutely ecstatic. She was phenomenal. Her way with my son was magical. In my eyes, she was the...Full Post
  • A Mother’s Guide to Surviving the Tantrum-Filled Threes?

    My son is absolutely amazing. He’s smart, affectionate and can turn your heart into mush with his rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He’s also three – a very tenacious three. I was warned about the “Terrible Twos” from weary mothers with tears in their eyes and defeated exp...Full Post
  • Diary of a Recovering Fat Girl

    If you told me ten years ago that I would be 30lbs overweight, dissatisfied with the way I look or how I physically feel, I would have instantly called you a liar. For some odd, denial-laced reason, I thought I could swiftly lose anything that attached itself

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  • Me against the Cinnamon Roll

    Okay, so my kryptonite is anything made of cake or cheese (but never both at the same time).This morning I opted for a 440 calorie cinnamon roll instead of my normal cup of oatmeal. 440 CALORIES! Though I'm very proud of myself for actually checking to see

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  • You Have to Start Somewhere

    So, here I am. In my thirties and at the heaviest I've ever been (pregnancy aside). I've always been the classic pear shape which I believe has always been my proverbial "smoke and mirrors." I've looked smaller on the top while letting all my weight hide behind

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