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  • The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

    I loved it right away but it took a while for me to recreate it.
    Soft boiled eggs are a nice happy medium between raw- which has the most nutrients but, unless the source is one you're completely comfortable with, could potentially harbor bacteria-
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  • Farmer's Market Finds

    Anyone out there in LA? If so, you're likely familiar with one of the best farmer's markets around, the Santa Monica Wednesday Market at the Promenade.
    As per their website: The Santa Monica Farmers Markets are committed to promoting healthful eating
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  • Gluten-Free is Not a Punishment

    I happened to glance at the cover of a magazine the other day when checking out at Whole Foods. An entire magazine dedicated to gluten free living! Initially, I thought it was fantastic, but then after seeing the titles of some of the articles, I realized...Full Post
  • Making (Grocery) Shopping Fun

  • Sprinkle on the Kelp

    Since we're not dumping salt on our meals in the Paleo lifestyle, is there anything we can sprinkle on, last minute, after food is cooked, to give it a little extra flavor?
    In addition to any dried herbs and spices (caveat being that it needs
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  • Personal Training Standards

    This is a topic that has always resonated tremendously with me, having worked as a private fitness trainer for years. I went into the field because I've always loved exercise, nutrition, cooking and health as long as I can remember.
    I joined a gym at
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  • According to a Study...

    Flipping through a silly magazine in my local nail shop the other day (I've confessed already that I'm guilty of reading the ones that are always lying about), I paused on a page with a giant picture of chocolate because of the corresponding headline: "Eat to
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  • Bison Versus Grass-Fed Beef: Which is Better?


    The more variety, the better; this goes for proteins as well as produce.

    The most important things are:

    • To make sure either meat is 100% grass fed. It needs to state that, otherwise, without the 100%, it can be legally called grass fed,
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  • Careful with the Fish Oil...Really?

    "Clinically shown to support a healthy heart and anti inflammatory response; supports brain, eye and neurological health" is the tagline underneath the brand name of my favorite fish oil.

    But then:

    "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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  • What's Wrong With Jerky?

    Nothing, in and of itself.
    The concept makes a lot of sense; it's a way to take a great source of protein, such as wild salmon or grass fed beef, cook it and make it far less perishable, thus allowing it to be transported without refrigeration and r
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