Mike Luque


Back in 1997 I was in the computer field and it did not work for me! Me + desks = miserable. So I decided to change my life and get into something body oriented. I went to massage school and started a practice in 1998. Later that year I was introduced to GYROTONIC® and realized how beneficial becoming a GYROTONIC® instructor would be. I felt that massage is great for people but it needs to be coupled with exercise. In the spring of 1999 I began my teacher training in San Francisco under Master Trainer Debra Rose. In November of that year, system creator Juliu Horvath traveled to San Francisco for a certification and I was officially a trainer.

I continued my training in San Francisco for another year and became certified on all the GYROTONIC® equipment.

In February of 2000, I had the pleasure of going to New York to take the GYROKINESIS® Foundation training with Juliu. Learning directly with the originator was a great experience and greatly increased my understanding of all elements of GYROTONIC® concepts and movement.

Since then I've continued my education through updates, re-taking the Gyrotoner and GYROKINESIS® courses, a GYROTONIC® Level II course led by Juliu Horvath, completed a new certification on the Archway™ with Master Trainer Billy Macagnone and took GYROTONIC® for Golfers. I've had the great pleasure of taking teacher trainings from 7 different GYROTONIC® Master Trainers.

In 2004 I decided to increase my skill set by becoming a certified personal trainer. I went through the NASM for my training and went on to take three advanced trainings: Sports Fitness Specialist, Integrated Flexibility Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. And in 2008 I got certified as a kettlebell instructor.

Currently I see clients for GYROTONIC®, personal training and kettlebells at a studio called The Working Body in Oakland, CA



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