Hello to all my loyal TGIM followers! We all know that ET was in the islands last week and he delivered an amazing episode from the shores! This week is a throwback with some tidbits from various speaking engagements. There are a couple of great points below. As always, use this time to re-focus after the weekend. Get dialed in for the up comming week right now!

TGIM Throwback: You'd Make a Better Millionaire

Key Points:

#1. You Deserve Better! Think about your options. Excelling at what you do and providing value to others. Or, getting by each and every day through 'minimal compliance'. Which one do you think you deserve?

#2. Stop settling for less! Where in your life are you settling? Your career? Your relationships?

#3. How would your life be different if you were living by 'faith' and not by fear? What would you be doing that you're currently not? What type of experiences would you be having? What would you possess that you currently don't? Ask yourself, do you have a fear of success (consciously or subconsciously)?

#4. What would your life look like if you followed your heart? If you followed your passion and didn't let the opinions of others shape what you can do, what you can have and what you can be!