Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all are enjoying some time with the family hunting for Easter eggs and relaxing. However, don't lose track of your goals and go into a candy coma today! Just because there's candy everywhere you look doesn't mean you should over indulge. Do yourself a favor and in you are going to partake in the chocolate, jellybeans and cream puffs, do so in moderation. You owe it to yourself to not sabatoge your hard work! And trust me, a days worth of binging on sugary candy will do just that! With my physique show comming up on April 14th I am enjoying Easter sans the candy and treats! It's easy to say no because I know that come next Friday, all of my hardwork is going to pay off! :-)

But this isn't a post on why to not eat candy haha, it's a TGIM! Enjoy...

TGIM Season 4 - Perfecting the Now!

Key Points:

#1. You don't have to be perfect. Don't use the excuse of having to be perfect to do what you've always wanted to do! Don't be scared of failing, scared of making a mistake.

#2. It's not about being perfect. It's about making the necessary adjustments.

#3. Instead of being perfect, work on perfecting a part of your day. This is called being effective!

Become an expert of the NOW!