Hi everyone, I have some exciting news to announce! I have just entered into my very first fitness competition! I am going to be competing in the Mens Physique Novice class at the 2012 Axis Labs Northern Colorado Championships on April 14th!

I have never entered a bodybuilding or physique competition and decided to challenge myself to see how far I can push my body. The physique class is a pretty new class for the men's division. So how does it differ from body building? Well, first of all, there are no routines or traditional bodybuilding poses. I also wear boardshorts instead of the 'banana hammock'! I am judged based on overall body symmetry, muscularity, character and looks. Think surfer body instead of bodybuilder. A competitor in physique will actually be marked down if they are too muscular.

For more information on Mens Physique, or the Axis Labs show, click on the following link: Axis Labs Northern Colorado Championships

I haven't changed my workout or eating regimen much because I have always eaten pretty clean. The only change I have really made is cutting down my carbs. I have also upped my healthy fats and protein intake.

I will be filming the show and also taking some pictures of my prep along the way so stay tuned for updates!