Mia Lundin


Mia Lundin, R.N.C., N.P

With a growing reputation as an authority on women’s hormonal and emotional balance, Mia Lundin, R.N.C., N.P., attributes her success to her own experience and her personal understanding of the physical and emotional effects of hormonal changes and from listening and treating thousands of women suffering from depression, anxiety, and irrational behavior due to hormonal imbalances. These experiences served as the inspiration for the award winning book,  Female Brain Gone Insane: An Emergency Guide for Women Who Feel Like They Are Falling Apart (October 2009, HCI Books).

Having graduated as registered nurse from the Ugglevik School of Stockholm, Lundin went on to earn a degree as a certified nurse practitioner in obstetrics and gynecology from Harbor UCLA Medical Center. She settled in Santa Barbara, California, and became one of the few nurse practitioners to enter private practice. She is now the owner and director of The Center for Hormonal and Nutritional Balance Inc. in Santa Barbara, a practice that specializes in treating hormonal imbalances (PMS, postpartum depression, perimenopause and menopause) and the effect hormonal fluctuations have on the brain chemistry.

In her 18 years as a nurse practitioner, Lundin has successfully balanced thousands of women to enable them to regain control over their emotional and physical health. She uses the very effective combination of bio-identical hormones and nutritional supplements (including targeted amino acid therapy) to rebalance the brain chemistry of her patients. Her reputation and fresh perspective on attaining emotional and physical balance through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has attracted patients from all over the world. She is devoted to educating patients on the intricate relationship between nutrition, hormones and brain chemistry. She is a sought after speaker in public forums on subjects such as hormones, moods and behavior, and has lectured internationally to health care professionals in Geneva, Switzerland, and Paris.