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  • Flexibility Training

    I'm often asked when someone should incorporate flexibility training into their workout. My recommendation is to start with a five minute warmup, preferably exercises that incorporate warming up the upper body in addition to the lower body. Too many times,...Full Post
  • Reducing Post-Exercise Soreness

    I've always used the line that "Soreness is Weakness Leaving Your Body". However, there are a couple of ways to reduct the "Post-Exercise" soreness in your body.

    One of the ways that I recommend is using a round shaped device called the "foam roller". This

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  • To Balance or Not To Balance!!

    Most people do strength and cardio training and give little or no thought to balance training. Balance training is as important as strength and cardio. I have older clients who have lost their balance and I'm working on getting it back. I'm also working with

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  • You do know Squat!!

    One of the best exercises for the legs and glutes is the squat. If you ever watch a young baby who is standing and bending over to reach for a toy, that is the perfect squat.

    In order to perform the perfect squat, you need to have your feet shoulder width

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