Lindsay Johnson, NASM Elite Trainer


Check out my new website: "Happy, Healthy & Fit" is my motto! As a young woman I struggled to find the right balance between exercise and nutrition. I tried to be healthy on my own by reading food labels and magazines. This only took me down a dark path of confusion, anxiety, and frustration. These unhealthy habits that I started unfortunately, developed into a serious addiction and disease called Anorexia.   I continued to struggle with my various Eating Disorders in college, I finally found a professional eating disorder treatment team that set me straight. It was at that point in my life that I decided to change my career path to Health and Fitness. I graduated with my degree in Health Management and Exercise Science, and I continue to further my knowledge and education every year. Now I am currently perusing my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics, specializing in hormone balancing, healthy cooking, weight loss goals, and eating disorders. Now I coach others, as a Nutritionist, in their private homes. I come to you! In your program we establish a weight goal and customize a nutrition plan to reach the goal easily. I help you use a food journal application to log your food daily. We discuss fitness options and tips, and I even cook with you! Bonus for those suffering with Eating Disorders, I wrote my very own Eating Disorder Recovery Guide Ebook (available for purchase). Contact me: (314)616-8832 Lindsay Kaye Johnson (Facebook) Website: