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Laura Katleman Author of the best-selling book, Skinny Thinking (about getting skinny by changing your thinking) Skinny Thinking grew out of Laura Katleman-Prue's desire to heal the eating, weight, and body image issues that plagued her for 35 years. She discovered that the root of her problem was the way she thought about food. In fact, changing her diet was irrelevant, if she didn't change her thinking habits. By teaching herself to go on a "thought diet" and transform her relationship with food, she experienced permanent healing. This healing motivated her to write Skinny Thinking and to lead Skinny Thinking Workshops in order to help others heal their eating issues as well. Laura attended Pomona College and pursued graduate studies in Marketing at Boston College. In 1980, she founded the Boston Brownie Company Inc. with retail and wholesale distribution in 2,000 stores in 14 states along the eastern seaboard. In 1992, Laura completed coursework at Lesley University in Counseling Psychology. That same year, she received a Certification in Transpersonal Psychology from the Theravision Institute. A long-time meditator, she has been teaching meditation and self-inquiry for the past four years. She began teaching Skinny Thinking Workshops in 2009. RADIO/TELEVISION • Daytime – ABC TV – Regional Show – 19 markets, 2 appearances. • The Voice of Change Radio. Interview with Sharon Ann-Wykoff, January 26, 2011 • ABC7 Chicago. Interview with Sylvia Perez. April, 2010 • ABC10 Philadelphia. Interview with Ali Gorman. April, 2010 • WNBC The 10! Show Philadelphia, Interview with Lori Wilson, April, 2010 • KFAB, Interview with Suzanna, November 26, 2010 • The Good Life Show, Interview with Jesse Dylan, May 5, 2010 • Life Improvement Show, Interview with Neal Desch, May 24, 2010 • Cable Radio Network with Erik and Jack, April 1, 2010 • Jackie Boyer Show, October 20, 2009 PRINT INTERVIEWS AND REVIEWS • Interview in Yoga Journal Magazine. Article on Dieting and Meditation and Yoga, April , 2011. • Today's Diet & Nutrition Book Review of Skinny Thinking , July, 2010. • Two Guys Talking About Food Interview. “Time to Wise Up About You and Food, Laura Says,” May, 2010, • Baltimore Sun. Interview by Jill Rosen, March 4, 2010. BOOKS AND ARTICLES • Skinny Thinking, Morgan James Publishing, April, 2010, Amazon Bestseller • Skinny Thinking For Men, Cave of the Heart Publishing, • Skinny Thinking Workbook, Cave of the Heart Publishing, • Skinny Thinking Daily Thoughts, Cave of the Heart Publishing • Skinny Thinking Chew On This!, Cave of the Heart Publishing • Food Freedom and Truth, Cave of the Heart Publishing • The Mind-Body Reset - ebook • Sashay Magazine Feature Article, “The Beauty of Being,” June/July Body Image Issue, 2010 WORKSHOPS / PUBLIC SPEAKING/ WRITER/ COURSES • Dr. Oz, Expert in the Sharecare Network • Daily Om Course – The Thought Diet,- #1 Bestseller for two months running • 5 Day Workshop, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, August, 2011 • Weekend Workshop Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, December, 2010 • Weekend Workshop All That Matters, September, 2010 • Speaker for Whole Health Expo April, 2010 • Speaker for Whole Health Expo April, 2009 • Teaching Courses on Self-Realization and Meditation since 2006 EDUCATION • Graduate of Theravision Institute of Transpersonal Psychology • Graduate of Pomona College The Skinny Thinking Book Skinny Thinking: Five Revolutionary Steps to Permanently Heal Your Relationship with Food, Weight, and Your Body gives readers a step-by-step guide for healing their eating and weight issues once and for all. Most people can force weight off on a diet, but like pulling off the top of a weed, it comes right back, unless they change their thinking. This is the root of the problem. The Skinny Thinking five steps show you how to permanently change your relationship with food by changing the way you think about it. Contrary to popular belief, eating and weight issues don’t have to be a lifelong struggle. If you have the right tools, you can end it for good. For more information about Laura go to:



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