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"Where there's a will, there's a way."

Kristy Lee Wilson is a certified personal trainer and wellness expert specializing in nutrition, fitness, weight management, corrective exercise, sports performance and healthy living. Empowering transformation through personalized coaching and training programs, Kristy is changing lives across the world.

As an elite athlete (gymnastics) from the tender age of eight, Kristy Lee is no stranger to the health and fitness industry, and carries an extensive list of accomplishments and awards, including her most recent title – Ms Fitness Universe 2013.

Hailing from Australia, Kristy relocated to the US in 2001 to perform for world renowned Cirque Du Soleil, a position she held for 10 years. During that time Kristy became accredited as a specialist in a number of fields including – Youth Fitness, Performance Enhancement, Youth Nutrition and Pilates.

Stepping away from the gym Kristy put pen to paper in 2011 to earn the title of best-selling author for “The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance.” Her contribution to this book also won her an Editor’s Choice Award.

Kristy continues to shine as she dedicates her life to promoting healthy living by maintaining partnerships with leading online health and wellness social communities Pazoo and Sharecare (Dr Oz), presenting and speaking internationally, and fighting to prevent childhood obesity through key Ambassador roles with FitFluential, Girls Gone Sporty, Fitmark and Six:02. Kristy remains personally involved in the industry as a sponsored fitness competitor and is regularly featured in health and fitness publications internationally.

As a Transformation Trainer Kristy focuses on empowering the ultimate well being of each individual through a carefully blended mix of health and nutrition advice, tailored fitness programs, and ongoing personal development through powerful life coaching.

Kristy will give you the clarity and strength you need to live your most fulfilling life with power and passion.

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• Bachelors Degree in Sports Management: Health and Wellness (in progress)
• Associates Degree in Nutrition

- American College of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer
- National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT, PES, CES
- National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Personal Trainer
- International Youth Conditioning Association - Youth Fitness Specialist
- TRX Certified Instructor



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  • Kathy Canterbury
    Thanks! don't know if you know it or not, but I met jodie in calif, but on our trip last fall, we met Robin, Sue, Marcia, Anne, Maria, Lisa, and Roberta. TM is done - 2% incline up to 6% every 3 minutes - 2.5mph holding the 2.5lb weights. K.
  • Kristy Lee Wilson - Sharecare Fitness Expert - Orlando, FL - Fitness
    Awesome Kathy!! Love that new profile pic by the way!! xoxo
  • Kathy Canterbury
    Okey, dokey, K! got the abs, core, and arm workouts done this morning, a 15min jog (with 5lb weights!) this afternoon, and getting ready to finish the workouts off now with 15min on the TM (with 2.5lb weights) Nite! K.
  • Kristy Lee Wilson - Sharecare Fitness Expert - Orlando, FL - Fitness
    Hey Kathy. I've no answer for you right now on how SC calculates the calories burned. You're not the only one who has asked that question either so I'm trying to find out that answer for you :) You sound like you're doing a great job though so just keep up the good work!! :)
  • Kristy Lee Wilson - Sharecare Fitness Expert - Orlando, FL - Fitness
    Hey Diana Lynn. Nice job!! That single-leg deadlift is a tough exercise right!! Awesome work. You are really doing a great job :)
  • Lynn Colson
    Kristy, I just finished my strength training for today, and the last routine Single Leg Romanian Dead-lift was a killer! Really felt it in my butt. Also, had to use a chair for support, maybe someday will be able to do it on one leg alone.
  • Kathy Canterbury
    Hi, K! How are you doing? I'm hanging in there! The last couple of days I have upped my exercise 15 min since neither Joel's DVD workouts or the TM burn much calories. Which brings me to a question. How does SC determine the calories burned on the TM? Last 2 days, holding 2.5lb. weights, I have set the TM at 2%incline and 2.5mph. The TM shows I burned 85 calories for 15min. SC has me down for 178. That is almost double. And on Livestrong, where I can enter my weight and then find the closest setting to what I had (I used level at 3mph - no way to compute working with hand weights, too) they have just 62 calories burned for 15min. So SC has me burning 65% more calories than LS does... so I have added another 15min of workout to hopefully burn those calories. did any of that make sense? Hope so! Time to go water the veggies, then ab & core and arms on the DVD! Have a good day! K.
  • Lynn Colson
    Good Morning Kristy! I have had a great week. This week I walked 92,247 steps and averaged 13,178 steps a day. I got in all of my strength workouts.My arms are feeling more toned already!! Weight up .4 but still under my 2 lb flux for maintenance.Looking forward to this next week!! Thanks you are awesome!!!
  • Debbie Schluter
    Hi Kristy..I have osteoarthritis in my lower back & wanted to find out what exercises I can do for my waist & core, that won't give me pain in my back. It's hard to exercise because of this..I do a lot of speed walking instead, but I know that's not good enough. Do you have any suggestions?
  • Lynn Colson
    I will. Also tomorrow is my weigh in day and I will give you an update.My weight seems to go up and down about 2 lbs.
  • Kathy Canterbury
    Hello! Hope you had a good weekend! I'm up .2 of a lb - not bad, but still not good either. Have you checked my food lately? Exercises logged this morning are Joel's DVD's - core -10min, abs - 15min, and arms - 20min. will finish up later with 15min of jogging/running in place interval, starting out with the 5lb weights, then probably cutting back to the 2.5lbs weights. Will see. K.
  • Kristy Lee Wilson - Sharecare Fitness Expert - Orlando, FL - Fitness
    Keep doing those exercises and keep me updated with how it's feeling! :)
  • Kristy Lee Wilson - Sharecare Fitness Expert - Orlando, FL - Fitness
    Hey Brian! I didn't get ur text. That's great though. A loss is still a loss and some weeks will be bigger than others. You're doing a great job. Focus on that nutrition. It will help a lot. Keep up the great work!! I'm always here if you need anything :)
  • Lynn Colson
    I cannot put pressure on my wrist at a 90 degree angle but can at abuot 45 degree angle. I have been doing the wrist exercises and figure it will just take time. Thanks for asking!!
  • Brian Moved it and LOST it!
    Sorry...thought I had texted. Friday I was down 1 pound from the previous Friday. Still down 5 since we started on the 7th so feeling good about the average loss. Next Monday will be a great gauge. Expect to be about another 2 pounds down by then.