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Kevin Weston , NASM Elite Trainer

Kevin Weston , NASM Elite Trainer's Blog

  • Finding Your Fitness Purpose

    Maybe we have been applying goals with the wrong approach this entire time. Maybe we have been asking the wrong questions. Instead of asking ‘what is my fitness goal?’ maybe we should be asking the question of ‘why’ behind the goals we set for ourselves. Let me

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  • Shopping For A Fitness Trainer?

    When people shop around for a personal trainer, many times they simply do not know what they’re looking for and how to decide if one trainer is better or more qualified than another. Here are the main guidelines to look for when considering which personal

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  • The Fat-Burning Zone: Do you need it?

    Many times I have had people ask me about the fat-burning zone that is programmed into the cardio machine that they are using. They choose this particular option because they hear “fat burning” and automatically think their body-fat will fall right off them while...Full Post
  • The 80/20 Rule

    I learned about the 80 / 20 rule when I lived in Texas, working at the world renowned Cooper Aerobics Center located in Dallas. Dr. Kenneth Cooper is one of the leading pioneers in the health and wellness industry. He was the catalyst during the mid 1960’s

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  • The 3 Phases of Fitness Training

    It’s always an exciting time when anyone starts an exercise program. However, the fire can be reduced to small ambers if one does not understand some basic fundamentals of fitness training. Many of us want to see visual results within the first few weeks...Full Post
  • Foam Rolling... Why you need it

    In terms of exercise, you may think you know what is already out there regarding staying active and strong throughout your life… cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and flexibility. This is basically all you need to know right? Wrong. Let’s throw...Full Post
  • Stretching – Are You Doing It?

    Flexibility… between the other components of exercise, (cardiovascular and resistance training), it is usually the neglected step-child that seems to get overlooked the most. If people realized just how much regular stretching on a daily basis would help them move better...Full Post
  • Fitness Myth – Doing crunches reduces belly fat

    Although not a lot of people come up to me and say, “Will I get rid of my stomach fat by doing a lot of sit-ups?” I do however see this mindset in gyms, infomercials, and many fitness products that are marketed to the general public. There seems to be this idea that

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  • No Time for Exercise?

    We all know exercise is important and that it brings healthy benefits. But just like any good habit, those benefits come from the doing, not just the knowing. The obstacle most people face with exercise is not having the time, which begs the question, what

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  • Taking Ownership for Your Health

    It’s the middle of February, and by now many people have probably made some type of investment to their health. Whether it’s working with a fitness professional, getting a gym membership, buying a workout video, or just dedicating more time to physical activity,

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