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Kelly Sullivan Walden says dreams have a language all their own—and being fluent in that language reveals the wisdom to live the life of your dreams while you’re awake. Author of seven books, including the newly released Dream Oracle Cards, Kelly Sullivan Walden is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training. Kelly Sullivan Walden began her dream research as a curious five-year-old. She and her younger sister shared a room (and a psychic connection) and in morning the girls would wake up excited to discuss what their nighttime adventures might mean in the waking world. Over the years they poured through dream dictionaries to learn the exciting language of dreams. Kelly eventually studied Carl Jung, Carlos Castaneda and other spiritual and esoteric teachers who took her understanding of dreams to a much deeper level. Nearly two decades ago Kelly became a certified clinical hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor. This began her professional journey working with her client’s subconscious minds so they might discover themselves—their core beliefs, drives and desires—and discover the hidden resources to heal them from past traumas and experience life with new skills, fresh vision, and deeper knowledge. Popular media guest, Kelly is a regular guest dream expert on FOX news, and her own radio show, The D-Spot, and has recently been seen on Dr. Oz and the Ricki Lake Show. Currently in production of a Dream TV pilot about her unique work, Kelly and her husband Dana (and their dogs Shadow and Lola) are living the dream amid the animal, trees, and energy of the enchanted Topanga Canyon in California. For more information about Kelly and to receive free dream gifts go to: To join Kelly in the launch of her new Dream Oracle Cards go to: To find out about how you can become a Dream-Life Coach go to:



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