One week out pre-hab: Monday May16

I had a work filled weekend but my knee held up pretty good. I made time to get off of it in between sessions, it swelled but it was tolerable. Back to a good workout today (Monday) more extensions and curls, it’s definitely helping to keep my quad firing. We have been getting more things organized for the surgery, practiced on the crutches a little and brought the cryo cuff out (It’s a cooler with a pump, tubes and wrap to circulate cold water around my knee post surgery). We are fortunate that I have dealt with athletes and their injuries for 20 years and been through several knee surgeries in the past myself so we kind of know how to prepare. My wife (who has been an amazing support system) is in sports medicine, so we feel good about our preparation so far.

Something that is important is, if you have had previous surgeries and have hardware in your knee (Most people going in for replacement have) start early trying to get postoperative reports on previous procedures. We started 3 weeks out trying to get mine so the surgeon knows what type of screws are in my knee in order to have the correct bit to get them out. We had to rush the process because the previous center I had surgery in has closed and the files are in storage. Something I wasn’t prepared for.

The week is winding down (Its’ Friday) and my workouts have been consistent and as intense as they can be at this point. Same basic schedule of quad and hamstring work. I have started altering my nutrition a little, my diet is usually pretty good but I have added a psyllium husk supplement heading into the surgery. It’s a fiber supplement and all of the research I have read says to be prepared because the surgery (anesthesia I guess) can have a negative impact on a person’s digestive system, so we will see how it goes. Other than that, no changes nutritionally.

We did pick up a stationary upright bike in preparation for the rehab process.  I’m fortunate to have some equipment in the house because of what I do and we have the room set up with all of the toys. (Bands, tubes, stability balls etc..)

The prep work is finished; I’ll touch base after surgery, let you know how it goes and have some details for you!