Big interest in a new study out last week on the effect of fish oil supplements and their relationship with prostate cancer. This one really got my attention because I use them and have for years and a reported one billion dollars is spent annually on these supplements.  The study that this article is talking about came from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and states that omega-3 fatty acids were associated with a 43 percent increased risk for prostate cancer. That line will definitely make you want more information! I’m not the kind of consumer that jumps on and off the bandwagon without a lot of factual information, so this article makes me want to dig a little deeper before I jump ship on my fish oil supplements. The biggest question I have with this article is it doesn’t tell us the dosage the participants were taking and what they claim is a normal or high dose. Nonetheless it is interesting and it did get my attention and I will research some more. I guess it worked!