Many of you trainers that are on the Sharecare platform probably get these newsletters from the NASM and this information may be redundant but if you have not seen this article it is, in my opinion, one of the best and most informative reads out there on barefoot running. I have discussed this before and probably will again so good information is always welcome. There is a portion of this article that I strongly recommend you read and it is  “Perhaps the most important guideline is to transition slowly – to build a solid foundation, develop good technique, and then build training volume. Too many people transition too quickly without first completing the necessary pre-requisites and end up getting hurt. This is in reference to transitioning to barefoot running or more of a freeform sole shoe. Great information and a plan to transition if that is something that you are interested in. Accounts&source=ead8a0a1bf1e4c8da1ecd85eb8f3e71d