I ran across this article recently and it really struck a nerve with me.  Now, I am a big coffee drinker, love my Starbucks but I am also an adult. I am concerned to see so many kids (teenagers and younger) starting in on the energy drinks. We had this issue at our house a year ago, I have three step children, all teenagers and they started coming home with Red Bull and huge cans of sweet tea. Pretty soon we would pick up a couple at the store for them, until soon they were drinking them daily. My wife, who is in the medical field, and I looked at ourselves and said, “This is crazy and we need to stop it” We did just that, stopped buying them. We met with some resistance initially but after a couple weeks the kids found it futile to argue and haven’t asked for any in close to a year. We know we can’t control what they do outside of the home but we can control what goes on inside the home. Hopefully the example and boundaries we set will help them in the future. This article has some great insight talks about some of the facts and figures I found it eye-opening.