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  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    How can I manage hurt feelings?

    One way to manage hurt feelings is to try to look at what occurred in a different way. It may be that you misinterpreted what happened, or assumed that the other person had different motives than they really did. If this doesn`t help, talking to another person (not as gossip, though), about it may...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    Is my stress caused by overly-high expectations of myself?

    If you are a person who expects a lot of yourself and/or others, chances are you do feel stressed, and have a lot of "Shoulds" for yourself and others. This not only can stress your relationships, but cause you to feel tense, anxious, and irritable. This is also a kind of thinking pattern that creates...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    How does forgiveness reduce stress?

    Forgiveness reduces stress by releasing the power of the person or situation over you. It does not mean that you do not hold someone or yourself accountable for behavior. However, holding onto anger and resentment not only disrupts relationships with others, but puts stress on your own body, and...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    What is the difference between negative and healthy stress?

    The same event or situation may produce healthy stress for one person and negative stress for another person, much of which is determined by the way that person perceives it. For instance, if one person gets fired, he may think it is the worst thing that could have happened, and focus on all the...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    What do people with anxiety disorders feel?

    Those who have anxiety disorders worry and often obsess about everyday situations and decisions, feel tense and on edge, often have difficulty breathing, feel restless, and have difficulty relaxing and concentrating. They feel tired and worn out, and may have difficulty sleeping because their "mind won`t quit"....Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    How can I protect my children from generalized anxiety disorder?

    Even though the causes of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) are not fully known, there are some things parents can do to protect their children from developing further anxiety. One would be to allow children to express their fears verbally without criticizing them, and even to share a parent`s own childhood fear and how it was...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    Are anxiety disorders serious?

    Anxiety disorders are serious because they can limit your ability to do the things you want to do or need to do. Often if you are anxious, you may find yourself coping with your anxiety by avoiding certain situations, even though you realize you need to be going certain places and doing certain things. Even...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    What is grief?

    Grief is the emotional impact a person feels as the result of a loss. Grief commonly includes a sadness, anger, sense of confusion, difficulty thinking or making decisions, fear, and often guilt. The more attached to the person or object lost, the greater the emotional impact may be. Sometimes grief...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    How can I improve a relationship?

    There are many little things that can be done to improve a relationship that really add up over time. Some of these are daily expressions of love, affectionate touches, and verbal expressions of affection and gratitude. Another is to express interest in the other person`s job, family and activities....Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    What are the factors that add stress to my body?

    Situations and life`s demands can be stressful, but many add to their own stress by expecting too much of themselves or others, by over-committing their time or responsibilities, by not saying "No" when they need to, and by not prioritizing well. Each person needs to make his/her own health and w...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    How do medications treat mental abuse?

    Medications do not treat the mental abuse, but may help with the resulting depression and anxiety that develop from being a victim of mental abuse; they may help you mobilize yourself to seek help, to make decisions on your own behalf  and to feel enough confidence to take action or to reach out to...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    What is caregiver stress?

    Caregiver stress is the stress that occurs from caretaking of another person. The caregiver may tend to center his/her life on what the other person needs and lose sight of his/her own needs, thus becoming resentful or burned out. The caregiver may become depressed, anxious, experience insomnia,...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    What are the symptoms of depression?

    Symptoms of depression include a loss of interest in things that usually would be interesting, an ongoing sad or low mood, fatigue and loss of energy. Many times a depressed person has difficulty sleeping or sleeps too much, has a loss of appetite or eats too much, loses interest in sex, is irritable, and cannot concentrate....Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    How can I manage holiday stress?

    One way to avoid stress during the holidays is to be cautious about how much you commit to do. Try to commit to what you want to do and enjoy doing, rather than trying to meet others' expectations. It is better to under-commit if possible, so that you have time to enjoy those activities. Find ways...Read More
  • Kathy Sowder - Semmes, AL - Psychology

    What are simple things I can do every day to relieve stress?

    One simple technique to relieve stress is several times a day to think of at least one thing you have to be grateful for, and to really focus on it for several seconds, breathing in deeply a few times. Another technique is to relax in a chair or bed, close your eyes, and fully imagine yourself in...Read More