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  • Hiking 101

    Now that spring has finally arrived (here in Illinois) and summer is right around the corner it is time to enjoy some of the great activities that the outdoors has to offer. Day hikes are one of my favorites because you do not need much equipment or skill

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  • Banna Nut Protein Shake

    This is a great meal replacement for lunch or breakfast that will help you increase your protein for the day. The shake is thick and taste great.

    1/3 cup water

    2 scoops powder meal replacement supplement- one serving-

    (like herbal life or slimfast)

    1 scoop

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  • 5 Steps to begin a Wellness Plan

    1. Make a list of your goals big and small.

    2. Make a list of any obstacles that may have stop you from reaching your goals in the past.

    3. Brain storm for ways to get past any obstacles and write them out.

    4. Keep a journal of what is working and what is

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  • Health and Fitness tip - Setting Goals

    When setting a new goal for yourself you need to break your goal down into a short and long terms goal. For example, if you what to loss a total of 30lbs just focus on losing one pound a week. When setting new goals for yourself be specific and flexible. For example, instead

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  • Hiring a Personal Trainer can Reduce your Risk of Injury

    Many people would believe such statements as, “any exercise is better than no exercise” or “no pain no gain”, but these statements are not true when it comes to strength training. Strength training is a powerful tool and can be used to change the way your

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  • You Are Never Too Old To Go Outside and Play

    Kickball, hide and seek, swimming, and bike riding are all some of the many childhood memories most middle age adults share, but unfortunately having fun and exercising are very distant memories for many adults. This is unfortunate because exercise can significantly reduce body

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