With the cost of health care services, especially consultation fees on the rise and out of control there is an increasing need for a complementary and alternative form of medicine where people can easily access and get advanced care, treatment, and support anytime, anywhere.
Alternative form of treatment such as Traditional Chinese Medicine has successfully been used for thousands of years. It encompasses various practices such as the use of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, therapeutic massage, dietary therapy and practices such as Tai chi and Qi gong that combine specific postures, moments, breathing techniques and mental focus.
While there are renowned clinics carrying out these practices all over the world, it is sometimes difficult to have a direct access to one, but there are easy ways to get a proper diagnosis and treatment with TCM Sanlida online medical symptom checker.
With an easy to use interface, you are able to do an online medical symptom check and get an intellectualized diagnosis and therapy. You can do so through afew simple steps as follows.
This is where you create an account to anable you to log-in into the website. This way you are able to create your list of symptoms, save and submit them.
Depending on what you are experiencing, you must start on the Constitution list which is comprised of 4 categories, which are:
  1. Physical
  2. Inspection of the face
  3. Voice
  4. Onset of illness
The next category is the Symptoms and Disease list, which once selected, it gives you four colums that indicate the level of the symptoms such as pain ranging from serious, obvious, slight, and the last colum allows you to take actionand add your symptoms to your list.You can tick multiple medical symptoms on this category.
Your statement may read something like this:
The onset of Illness.
Constitution List: New Disease. Then tick on the severity box.
Symptoms and Disease List: Low body temperature.
Patients Statement:This is where you can write a brief statement and to add more unexplained symptoms that you are experiencing that may not be on the Constitution List.
Upload Document: This last section lets you upload, save and submit any files, images and most importantly a photo of your tongue which is important in Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and will help your doctor better understand your condition. Information about Tongue Diagnosis can be found on the Basic Questions link on the website.
All these details are saved in the system for reference. No diagnosis fee required until you request treatment. You should aim to enter the symptoms that are more significant and bother you the most. You will be able to help the doctor if you are more precise in describing your symptoms.
The one thing to remember is not to be alarmed by the list of possible diagnosis as it may include names of diseases that are not familiar to you, which can be understandably scary and discouraging. Seek medical attention at the earliest time possible.