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  • Why Nike FREE? Part 5 You feel the ground!

    One of the biggest problems with supportive & cushioning shoes is that you lose the sensation of feeling the ground. Nike FREE shoes are specifically made to help you have the natural sensations of going barefoot. This increased sensitivity keeps you more "in

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  • Why Nike FREE? Part 4 Troy Polamalu

    I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl. Watching Troy Polamalu (and his hair) flying around the football field making highlight plays is incredible. I flew out on a Nike FREE project to meet Troy at the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp this past fall. Our meeting

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  • Why Nike FREE? Part 3 You need arch support!

    I can't tell you how many times I go through this conversation...someone with flat feet says "my feet collapse and overpronate " and I nod yes in agreement. Then they say "I've been told I need arch support" and again I nod in agreement. Then they state "so...Full Post
  • Why Nike FREE? Part 2 You need Strong Feet!

    I've been training elite athletes for 25 years. Early on, I noticed many had foot problems. So we started strengthening their feet and it paid big rewards. Two examples are John McEnroe the tennis great who exercised his toes muscles and Les Frazier of the Superbowl...Full Post
  • Why Nike FREE? Part 1 - John's responses to comments/questions

    A quick response to some of the common questions many of you have posted. First, to my knowledge, the Nike FREE shoes that were given away by Dr. Oz were all snatched up pretty quickly. However, Nike FREE shoes are available at stores or online through

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  • Why Nike FREE? Part 1

    Dr. Oz & Nike are giving out thousands of Nike FREE shoes in conjunction with the "11 Weeks - Move it to Lose it in 2011 Challenge". But "Why Nike FREE?"

    I'm often asked that same question ... "Why wear Nike FREE?" The professional athletes I train, coache

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