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  • Be Inspiring

    If you read my posts, you know I love many of the ones from Ralph Marston..this one is no exception..wanted to share it with you:


    Common sense would tell you that it’s difficult to be positive and inspired when the circumstances of your life are

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  • Finding Inspiration

    Many of you have been with Sharecare since the beginning. Others are brand new to this wonderful community. So are you wondering if it's really all worth it? The answer is an unequivocal YES! It's absolutely amazing to see what can be accomplished throught

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  • The Priceless Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

    We all struggle at times to continue progressing..whether it relates to our personal health and fitness, a job, a relationship, it can be difficult to "stay the course" when we encounter obstacles. I wanted to share these thoughts that I read the other day

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  • Just A Little Progress...Is Progress

    Life journeys generally have ups and downs along the way. Keeping perspective is an important part of maintaining focus and staying on track. I read this and really liked it so I wanted to share it with all of you.

    Even just a little progress, is progress.

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  • New Year...New Possibilities

    So the holidays are behind us and it's officially 2012. Now what? How do you truly discover the possibilities? I always like to start with defining or refining a does not have to be the ultimate goal or a monumental change..regardless you will likely

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  • Getting Ready for the New Year!

    So 2011 is coming to an end and the New Year is fast approaching! Let's set ourselves up for success as 2012 rolls in. Many of you have been part of the Sharecare Community for some time but there are lots of newcomers each day who we've been welcoming.

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  • Lose 5 Challenge - Week 5 - Pushing Forward

    Just checking in with all of you to see how this holiday season is going so far..even if you are not losing weight right now, if you're maintaining during this tempting time, you're a winner! Be kind to yourself and coach yourself as you would another - support

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  • Lose 5 Challenge - Week 4 - Resolutions

    It's been pretty quiet out there..but I'm thinking part of that is related to the craziness we talked about that hits every year...we have the best intentions to keep our goals in the forefront but just seem to get caught up in the holiday madness.

    So that's

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  • Lose 5 Challenge - Week 3 the first hurdle is did you do? Are you feeling like YOU are in control or that the holidays are controlling you? It's always helpful to stop for a moment and check in with yourself.

    We are starting week 3 of our Lose 5 Chal

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  • Lose 5 Challenge Week 2 - Lighting That Fire

    Happy Monday - thought today's topic should be Workout Motivation.

    We’ve all had days when we’ve struggled to get moving. I have tried a lot of things and few have consistently worked for me. Here are some ideas.

    Visualization It's different for everyone but taking time

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