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  • The Healthcare Dream, It Really Does Happen…Well Sort Of.

    I never watch CNBC's Squawk Box. My husband does every morning, but I usually change it after he leaves. Not because I don't like it, but because I am really not the "finance girl"- that is why I married a CPA.

    However, recently I overheard the con
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  • Who are Nurses?

    This week I recieved an email from a high school student asking if she could interview me about being a nurse. She wanted to know how I decided to get into nursing, how one becomes a nurse, what nurses do, our advancement opportunities, etc. As I was responding

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  • Communication is the Key to Survival

    Adding to my video posts about change of shift and transition of patient care, I wanted to give a bit more infomation on this important safety issue within healthcare facilities. When I was on the show, I indicated change of shift (usually 7pm and 7am) and

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  • Do kids have strokes?

    Recently I was putting together an educational series on cardiovascular disease and stroke and was discussing this with a neighbor. Knowing my background in pediatrics, she asked "Do kids have strokes"?

    The education I was creating at that time was not focused

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