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  • Living Up to Our Logo

    Five years ago, as social media usage was skyrocketing, we founded Sharecare with the vision to create a digital platform that made healthy living more accessible for the masses. As we've grown, so has our roster of likeminded partners - from the accomplished...Full Post
  • Their Voice, Our Votes

    Over the last year we have put considerable effort toward building on the concept of invisible health - essentially, developing new ways to help you be mindful of your health without disrupting your daily routine. Our first major move was the launch of our ...Full Post
  • Starting the Year With A Bang

    It’s already been a busy year for Sharecare, as we went from CES - where we made announcements with both ZTE and BlackBerry - straight into the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, the biggest healthcare investor event of the year. It was an honor to be invited...Full Post
  • New Year, New Collaboration

    On Tuesday at CES - the largest hands-on technology trade show in the world - we announced that our award-winning AskMD app will come fully preloaded on ZTE’s newest smartphone, the Grand X 3, available exclusively with Cricket Wireless. Having AskMD - quite...Full Post
  • Celebrate the Past & Embrace the Future

    With less than two days left until 2016, I'm reminded of just how much the Sharecare team has accomplished this year. We kicked off 2015 strong by deepening our relationship with HCA, announcing a strategic collaboration to accelerate innovation through the...Full Post
  • Recommended Reading: What a Navy SEAL can Teach Us All

    After starting various companies over the last 20 years, I've been able to take key learnings from each venture to make the next one better. For me, that sentiment likewise was a prominent takeaway from Jesse Itzler’s new book, Living With A Seal (and his recent...Full Post
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland

    At Sharecare, we have a tradition in which each of our offices shares care with their local community during the holiday season, whether its our San Diego team volunteering at a soup kitchen, Vermont employees adopting a family in need or the Atlanta office...Full Post
  • All Hail... Your Health

    As I was grabbing a cup of coffee in the breakroom at our Atlanta headquarters a few weeks ago, I noticed a line of employees with their sleeves rolled up, waiting for a nurse to administer flu shots. While I assumed it was organized by our employee benefits...Full Post
  • Recommended reading: The Death of Cancer

    “Utterly absorbing”… “fierce and frank”… These are just a few compliments The New York Times paid my friend and colleague Dr. Vince DeVita in their review of his memoir, The Death of Cancer. In it, Dr. DeVita, whose credentials include former director of the...Full Post
  • What I'm Thankful For

    One of the things I appreciate the most about Sharecare is that our employees are committed to sharing care beyond their day-to-day “jobs.” From organizing charity runs to volunteering at animal shelters and working in soup kitchens, Sharecare employees today...Full Post