My name is ILDIKO BIRO and I am fitness professional with a history of being overweight. I had a weight problem for 29 years, I have been carrying around 50 pound extra weight for most of my life. My weight was a physical and mental problem for me, kids always made fun of me, it wasn’t easy to be a fat teenager either and it was getting worse from there with the health problems that came with time. Tried a lot of things to loose weight, cabbage soup, salads, starving myself, diet pills, running and even praying nothing seemed to help. Every time I lost some weight with the above methods as soon as I get off from it I was putting the weight back even faster then I have lost it. Failing many times it didn’t make me hopeless; it made me even stronger and more perseverant. I am not the type of person who gives it up easy, anyway what I had to loose beside the 50 pound extra that I had. I always knew it has to be something that helps, it has to be a way to get rid of those unwanted pounds, I never believed the “ it’s in your genes, you have a big frame get used to it “ stories. I was really unhappy, didn’t felt good in my skin, hated to look at the mirror and I was ready and willing to changed that.

            When I hardly turned 29 I met a personal trainer who changed my life. I have been complaining about my weight to him because he was a trainer and he should know how to loose weight. He sad it to me “ if you wan to loose weight I know what you have to do, so if you want to do it lets do it, if not stop complaining about it”. Just like in the NIKE commercial JUST DO IT, and I did, I did everything he sad and by the time I hit 30 I was 50 pounds lighter, looked 10 years younger, had a lot of energy, had great health and I was a lot more happier than ever before in my life.

 So what exactly I did to lose those 50 pounds?

            First thing I did was getting rid of all the junk food I had in my house. I wasn’t a nutritional scientist but I know what was bad for me, so I throw out everything I knew I am not supposed to eat, if I don’t have it I can’t eat it.

My trainer started to educate me about food and after few lessons I have realized that some of the things I used to eat wasn’t even FOOD. I got a lesson on good carbs and bad carbs, good fats and bad fats, lean protein and not so lean and vitamins and minerals. I have realized very fast that every bad food has a good version. Eliminated refined sugar completely form my diet, cut back on the salt, dairy and transfats, started to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Stopped eating in restaurants and take-outs, started to cook for myself, buy fresh organic whole foods and just EAT FOOD. NOT TOO MUCH. MOSTLY PLANTS as Michael Pollan sad in “Food rules”.

After a while it made sense that everything I put in my mouth has an effect on how I look and feel. Started to do my own research on food and nutrition. Still not a nutritionist but did a lot of reading and started to make more and more sense that loosing weight is not so hard, all you have to do watch what you eat. Never counted calories despite the fact that loosing weight is calories in versus calories out, all I did was eat FOOD, not too much at a time and started to work-out regularly.

            The second thing I did was changed the cardio classes at the gym to weight training. I had my trainer training me few times but after a while I was on my own. I was doing weight training 3 to 4 times a week. Still not a trainer at that time I was lifting weights in the gym like a man J and having fun. I really started to like weight training and what I liked even more the way my body was changing because of that.

I was loosing weight 1 pound a week, just like the doctors say you supposed to do it if you want to keep it healthy. I have lost 50 pounds  and put on some muscles in a year in a very healthy way, not by starving myself.

            The third thing I did was changed the way I think about food, physical fitness and myself. I knew if I want to look and feel the same way I have to keep up with the lifestyle that I had while I was loosing the weight. I knew whatever I did to lose the weight it wasn’t a diet it was a lifestyle and I have to stick with it.

Three years after losing the weight I still keeping it off, have a very healthy lifestyle and regular exercise is a part of my life, even more I am a Fitness Professional, I run Half Marathons and help and inspire people who wants to change their life.

My philosophy is Body Mind Balancing.

“The body is the visible soul and the soul is the invisible body. The body and soul are not divided anywhere, they are parts of each other, and they are parts of one whole.” OSHO

If you want to change your body you have to change your mind, too and the way you think about diet and exercise.

 If I could do it ANYBODY can do it. JUST DO IT !!!  ( before and after pictures )