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  • Tip Six: Portions

    Portions. No way around this one. No matter who you are or what you eat. Portion size matters.

  • Tip Five: Move away from all or none thinking

    Move away from all or none thinking. For instance, I will only eat “healthy” foods may lead one to self talk that goes something like this : “I ate two cookies and have blown my diet for the day so I might as well eat the whole package of cookie” This type of thinking

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  • Tip Four: How do you talk to yourself?

    Reframe internal thoughts: try to tune into how you talk to yourself. Catch negative self talk or talk that takes you away from your goal. For instance: have you ever said to yourself “ I have had a tough day I deserve that ________(cookie, ice cream, bread and butter….).” ...Full Post
  • Tip Number Three

    Move daily. Be it a formal exercise plan or a brisk walk outside, get moving. It will lift your spirits as well and keep neurons firing, help with your body’s ability to handle glucose (better blood sugar regulation)…well, there are hundreds of reasons to...Full Post
  • What Have You Learned?#2

    On my list of The Top Ten Weight Lost Tips:

    Eat Breakfast: it can be very difficult to connect that eating breakfast effects your hunger at night but it is true. Eating a well-rounded substantial breakfast will help keep cravings in check and you will be

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  • What have you learned?

    If you had to write your Top Ten Tips for Weight Loss, what would they be?

    It may be that they change as your learning and understanding changes, your weight changes, your body image, your exercise capacity, your stage of life...but, it may also be that there

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  • Exercise Does More Than Just Build Muscles!

    It has been a while...while I was not looking, the weeks ticked on. These past two weeks I traveled for work attending conferences and learning new information that hopefully I can share with my clients (and you!!).

    A very exciting area of emerging research

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  • New research confirms high fiber

    is the way to go. Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and WHOLE GRAINS decreased incidence of heart disease, infectious disease and respiratory disease. The beneficial nutrients found in whole grains are powerful when eaten daily over time. The amount

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  • How to recover from a "laspe".

    Have you ever eaten more than you intended, or foods that were not on your “plan” and then, instead of getting right back on track, had a conversation with yourself that went something like this “I already blew it. I might as well eat the rest and start again tom

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  • " A waist is a terrible thing to mind"

    I know, I know...here we are on a site that is focused on weight loss! What we look like matters, no question about it. But that is only one part of the equation. Weight matters for our health and well-being. Our fitness impacts every system in our body.

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