Last week I headed over to the Dr. Oz offices to tape my very first Facebook Live broadcast. The topic was Healthy Summer Swaps. I shared my top 5 ideas for easy, doable ways to cut excess calories and boost your calorie burn to feel a little sleeker and a whole lot fitter by the end of the summer. You can catch the video here and go to Sharecare’s Facebook page every day this summer for a new Summer Swap idea. Here’s to having your healthiest, most amazing summer ever!
1. Lemonade is a tangy summer sip, but most brands are going to run you 120 calories per 8-ounce glass. Get all the lemony flavor without all the calories and sugar by making your own lemon water. If you have a daily lemonade habit, that’s a savings of over 800 calories per week -- just making that change alone will go a long way toward helping you drop a pound a week. Simply slice 2 lemons into wheels, add to a gallon of water and place in the fridge. Add some cucumber slices for extra refreshment!
2. Instead of staying inside and binge-watching your favorite show, head outside for a post dinner power walk instead. You can bring the whole family or your furry best friend and enjoy the gorgeous warm weather. By moving instead of sitting, you’ll burn 269 calories. Make it a weeknight routine, and you’ll scorch 1345 calories, which just might help you drop a dress size by the end of the summer.
3. It’s time for backyard BBQs! Grilling is a delicious, healthy way to cook, so don’t let those side dishes do you in. Swap out the heavy macaroni salad (570 calories and 45g of fat in a cup, plus loads of sodium) and serve up grilled vegetables instead. You can eat 2 cups of seasoned grilled vegetables for just 174 calories and a few grams of fat, plus you’ll get about 5 grams of fiber and plenty of antioxidants to boot!
4. Nothing says summer like a bowl of rich, creamy ice cream. The premium stuff will cost you around 540 calories and 30g of fat per cup, plus almost 50g sugar. While it’s definitely fine to enjoy this indulgence a few times over the summer months, some folks turn it into a daily treat, which can mean that those new shorts start to feel tight right before that beach vacation. You can still enjoy a delicious, creamy treat, just swap the ice cream for chia pudding made with coconut milk and topped with ¼ cup of fresh fruit. Enjoy a cup for less than 200 calories and about 10g of fat. To make chia pudding, simply combine ¾ cup chia seeds with 3 cups of refrigerated coconut milk. Stir and place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Scoop into 4 cups and top each with ¼ cup of your favorite fruit. Mango and kiwi are my faves.
5. The summer season means blockbusters at the movie theater. It’s a great way to spend a steamy afternoon or evening, but it’s almost impossible to resist the delicious smell of movie popcorn. A small bag of buttered popcorn adds up to 370 calories and 20 g of fat. The popcorn itself is super slim and it’s a healthy whole grain -- it’s what goes on top that adds all the unwanted calories. You can save a whole lot of calories and money by hosting your own movie night. Here’s my go-to recipe for delicious popcorn that’s fit for any star-studded occasion, and it’s just 123 calories and less than 4g fat per serving:
  • 12 cups hot popped popcorn
  • 2 tablespoons truffle oil (or EVOO)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
Place the popcorn in a large bowl and toss with the oil and the salt. Serve in 3-cup bowls or paper bags.