My kids have been extra rambunctious the last week or so and in the mornings I have to literally scrape their bodies out of bed to get them to come upstairs for breakfast. They’re sick of school and SO ready for summer vacation to begin. I can’t say I blame them. I’ve been feeling a similar way and I think many adults would cop to the same’re ready to tune out, turn off and just chill.
There’s plenty to be said for taking some well-deserved time off. We all work so hard...getting on email early in the morning, helping kids with homework at night, and then checking email one last time to make sure the boss hasn’t sent anything else through...we definitely deserve a break. But many of us don’t take the time we’re given. A recent survey by Harris Interactive found that U.S. employees only use 51% of their paid vacation time and paid time off. Even worse, 61% of us work while we’re on vacation (you busted me), even though their family members give them grief about it. Fellow Americans, it’s time we actually took a vacation!
Taking a break from our normal routine can be just what we need to finally relax and enjoy the great outdoors, play and reconnect with family and friends. Plus, once those daily tasks have been moved off of our plate, our brains can actually be more productive and creative, making us even better workers when we return to the office.
I hope you all can find time to just “be” this summer. I know I’m looking forward to my downtime, and I might even step away from my phone for a while. Maybe…

Your in health,