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  • Packable, Portable Lunches

    Lunch. It’s often the most overlooked meal of the day. And studies show that many of us don’t even leave our desk to enjoy our midday meal. In fact, only one in five people actually leave the office to eat lunch. How uninspiring…

    Deadlines are a fact of...Full Post
  • My Top 5 Healthy Summer Swaps

    Last week I headed over to the Dr. Oz offices to tape my very first Facebook Live broadcast. The topic was Healthy Summer Swaps. I shared my top 5 ideas for easy, doable ways to cut excess calories and boost your calorie burn to feel a little sleeker and a...Full Post
  • Breakfast that Makes Itself

    As I mentioned in last week’s post on making time to unwind, I am ready for a summer break. That’s probably why I’ve been fantasizing about our upcoming trip to the Catskills. Our family has been vacationing there for the last six years and we all look forward...Full Post
  • Making Time to Unwind

    My kids have been extra rambunctious the last week or so and in the mornings I have to literally scrape their bodies out of bed to get them to come upstairs for breakfast. They’re sick of school and SO ready for summer vacation to begin. I can’t say I blame...Full Post
  • Slather on SPF and Eat Up for Healthy Summer Skin

    Summer means tank tops, sundresses, shorts and bathing suits, and baring a whole lot more skin than we do the rest of the year. As I was packing away (finally) my family’s sweaters and hats and pulling out the swim trunks and cover-ups, it got me thinking just...Full Post
  • Ready, Set, Summer!

    I’m changing things up this week and instead of sharing my musings on what’s going on in the world of nutrition and health, I’m going to share a recipe. Memorial Day—the unofficial start of summer—is right around the corner and that means that you’re likely...Full Post
  • Redefining Healthy

    We’re all trying to live a healthier lifestyle and eating right is a big part of that. But sometimes figuring out what is actually “healthy” is downright confusing.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defined “healthy” over twenty years ago, during the...Full Post
  • Losing is the Easy Part

    Each season on The Biggest Loser, the contestants lose incredible amounts of weight and seemingly change their lives for the better. What we don’t get to see is what happens when the cameras stop rolling.

    As a nutritionist and weight loss expert, I’ve f...Full Post
  • The Power of the Buddy System

    I’m not exactly a loner, but I’ve always been a self-starter. As a kid I shunned team sports in favor of individual ones, like skiing, dancing and horseback riding. I wasn’t a Girl Scout (though now I wish I had been) and I was just never big on joining things....Full Post
  • Sometimes Limitations Help Open Up Possibilities

    The Jewish holiday of Passover (Pesach) began last Friday. While we’re not very strict about following customs in our house, I do clear out all the leavened bread in our household and I only eat matzah for the eight days that the holiday lasts.

    When I was...Full Post