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Emily Roberts is a psychotherapist, author, media contributor and consultant. She is a confidence and self-esteem expert and is dedicated to helping others love the skin they're in. She is also known as The Guidance Girl, her website by the same name, helps girls, women and parents improve self-esteem and extinguish insecurities. Her first book Express Yourself: A Teen Girls Guide to Speaking Up and Being Who You Are came out in June of 2015 and has been endorsed by Dr. Drew Pinsky MD, New York Times Best Selling Author Jessica Lahey and many others. She is part of the Hartstein Psychological Services team in New York City and is intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Emily writes the weekly blog Building Self-Esteem contributing expert for HealthyPlace.com. She works with parents to help heal their children from the inside out as a parenting consultant for Neurogistics Corporation with an emphasis on holistic health.

Emily has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas. She currently splits her time between New York City and her Texas roots. She has extensive training and experience in working with a variety of populations and diagnosis including: trauma and adoption, life transitions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and parenting.


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