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  • Much to be So Thankful For! Especially on Turkey Day!

    What will YOU be grateful for on Thanksgiving DAY? Let’s see ………

    ARIES: You’ll be truly grateful IF you don’t try to do EVERYTHING and see EVERYONE on this one day. As the warrior of the zodiac usually you are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

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  • Your November Empowering Days!

    I love the idea that Thanksgiving is less a day to ditch the diet but more a word of profound and powerful action. After all, the full feeling that this day promises should come more from the heart before anything’s actually carried out of the kitchen. Let your thankful heart be alive and

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  • The Scorpio New Moon and Happily Ever After

    The upcoming New Moon that rises this Thursday will arrive in Scorpio at 3 degrees while also sending a lovely, sparkling vibe to Pluto. Now Pluto also happens to be Scorpio’s ruler as well as a planet of financial power so there will be news of money at some point. This New Moon

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  • Love YOUR Body….NOW!

    Today (Wednesday, October 19) is the National Organization of Women’s LOVE YOUR BODY DAY and I cannot say how much I support that foundation and these efforts. In fact, after spending almost the entire day yesterday with two yoga gurus and their banging bodies

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  • It's The Great Pumpkin...

    Well now according to early American folklore, if you leave a half of pumpkin exposed in your kitchen negative energies will soon arrive to spoil your day and your cooking. So do be sure that as you and the wee ones gut ‘em, that you dispose of ALL of the innards

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  • Your Empowering Days for October 2011

    R & B singer Jimmy sang from his Soul when once upon a time he offered that “if you want to be happy for the rest of your life. Never make a pretty woman your wife.” Well, I don’t know about that but I do know that October can bring some ugly relationship energies to the fore no matter what your

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  • Your World REALLY is Your Wand!

    Did you take my ‘betta that Liz Canalis was going home last night on DWTS? I think David Arquette next primarily because I loved the extensions they put in Teet Mom Nancy Grace’s hair and would love to see how else they intend to soften her persona. I loves

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  • The elephant in the room…or, at least it should be!

    Let’s let the elephant stay in the room today since it’s ‘Elephant Appreciation Day,’ especially after reading what Feng Shui has to say about this prosperity attracting pachyderm. According to this philosophy, the elephant is considered a precious animal that symbolizes fertility, strength and wealth....Full Post
  • You are my sunshine...

    A weekend filled with working, whittling away at the never ending ‘To Do’ and Cam Newton (again!) not necessarily in that order either. And, okay, yes, the Jets! Hey! Sounds just like last weekend. Except my Aunt Mary died and so did my friend Rob, a great guy married to one of my best friend’s sisters, Lisa.

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  • For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday...

    Where were you when on that terrible day?

    Until ten years ago, during my lifetime at least, that question almost always pertained to the day the shots rang out and killed Kennedy; his presidency the seeming symbol of refreshed and restored hope to a nation

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