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  • Caught Between: Managing My Diabetes & Raising My Children

    As a stand here rocking Ian, my five-month-old baby boy, back and forth and back again and again. I think about how much I love him, as the drool was cascading from my shoulder down my back. Ah, the wonders of raising a child. I think of the precious times...Full Post
  • The 9:41 to Long Beach

    The 9:41 to Long Beach
    From the moment I left the meeting, I knew that my blood sugar was low. I walked outside and tested it. Wow, it was low!

    I used to keep Tootsie Roll® Pops for reactions but changed to honey packets which are also a great solution for...Full Post
  • Frustration or Patience?

    Diabetes Affects Both of Us!

    [media id="PRD__4cc86f9a62f7a3_90433862" title="Couple Sitting on Bed Facing Away"]

    Last night I was having a conversation with a good friend who inquired about referring someone to my educational and therapeutic services. She was telling me

    ...Full Post